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Take the BetterHealth Survey!

For those people I asked to land on this page and take the BetterHealth Survey, thanks for coming and welcome!
For anyone else who happened to end up on this page, thanks for coming and welcome to you too!
I’m at the beginning stages of creating this site so I thought now would be a great time to get some valuable feedback to help make BetterHealth, well … better. 🙂


The survey is just 10 short questions, with the majority being multiple choice.  It consists of a few questions about you and a few questions about the BetterHealth website. There are two steps to doing the survey:


  1. Take a quick tour of the BetterHealth website noting;

    A) what sections you like better than others,
    B) what articles you like the best,
    C) any changes you think that could be made to make the website better.

  2. Take the survey below:

Create your own user feedback survey